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Leadership is an action, not a position


President & Co-Founder

Jing Tang is a dynamic entrepreneur who possesses deep strengths in corporate leadership, business acumen and financial savvy. She has a stellar track record of leading a number of technology companies in the booming Kitchener-Waterloo area as their CFO. In this role, she helped secure financing, set up their organizational structures, and eventually got them off the ground.

Jing’s impressive knowledge of enterprise finance, banking and venture capital led her to the world of real estate development where she again excelled with her go-getter approach and innate business savvy. The natural progression led to her role as President and Co-Founder of Trulife Developments, a company she has helmed from the start and grown from small beginnings to a dynamic, multifaceted developer with diverse interests in residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Jing is a natural leader with a clear vision and a purpose.


CEO & Co-Founder

David Chau is a seasoned veteran of the real estate industry in Southern Ontario. Prior to his role as CEO & Co-Founder of Trulife, David distinguished himself in the sales and marketing department of a Fortune 500 company. He left the company at the pinnacle of his career and entered the exciting field of insurance where he once again put his proven talents to work, rising to new heights of success.

Before long, his ambition and dynamism brought him into the world of real estate and development. He rapidly rose through the ranks, holding progressively senior roles in leading companies across Southern Ontario. Having travelled extensively across the region, he is thoroughly familiar with every aspect of the industry, and very soon these strengths culminated in his current role of CEO and Co-Founder at Trulife. David holds a BA in economics from Wilfred Laurier University and has earned his Real Estate Development Certification offered by The REDI Foundation.

Michael Chau

Project Manager

Michael Chau is a seasoned professional who has successfully managed various projects from conception to completion, delivering project deadlines within budget. His leadership abilities have allowed him to extensively build strong teams, offer consultations to upper management, provide professional development opportunities, develop strategic implementation plans, and promote company collaboration.

Earlier on in his career, Michael successfully started and operated several small business ventures; however, he later transitioned into a career in real estate – his true passion. An award winning sales representative within his brokerage, Michael brings with him extensive knowledge in the pre-construction, resale, and commercial sectors. With his combined experiences, Michael has established his reputation for building and maintaining strong relationships with elected officials within various municipalities, external consultants, contractors and consumers. Michael’s most recent venture included managing projects for an established development company who specializes in custom luxury homes throughout the GTA.


Construction TEAM


Tachson Construction Inc. consists of an award-winning and highly respected expert team in both construction and engineering, making them one of the most collaborative and insightful companies in property development. At Tachson, they take every factor into consideration with their work, from personal preferences to regulatory guidelines. Their construction team includes three structural engineers, one mechanical engineer and one software engineer. They are involved in each step from inception to completion, ensuring each project is delivered on schedule, executed with excellence, and most of all, profitable.


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